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Data labeling
for computer vision

Label images and videos and take full control of your training data. Power your computer vision algorithm with datasets of any size.

Sunix AI provides quality input data and detailed annotations for efficient training of AI algorithms, making then highly accurate day by day with prompt solutions and the best in-house annotation team.


To become the most trusted annotation service provider.


We were founded on the belief to deliver most accurate, reliable and quality results by ensuring data privacy and security.


We either work on Clientsplatform or can work on our partners tools to deliver services.Based on your use case, we select the right tool for you.


Over 5+ Years of Impeccable experience in Data Annotation


Multilevel Quality & Accuracy checks


Multi-Industry Experience including Security and Surveillance industry, sports, Retail and Agriculture


Happy Clients across the world


We Ensure high Data security and Data Privacy at all times.

Affordable Cost

Affordability and High responsive rate.

Why the industry chooses us

“We started working with Sunil in 2016 when the company consisted of just 2 people (myself and my-cofounder). We got in touch with Sunil as we needed. help with data annotation services. His professionalism and “can-do” attitude impressed us the most given that things change rapidly in a Start-up. Since then, Calipsa has grown to have customers in multiple geographies and Sunil and his team have been instrumental in that success.
Our AI team depends on an efficient data pipeline and Sunix’s team ensures that. I highly recommend these guys to any Start-up founders looking for a highly professional and personal service with great attention to detail”.

Mohammad Rashid Khan

CEO -Calipsa

London, United Kingdom

"The best thing about Sunix AI team is their affordability, responsiveness and can work with minimum guidance. I would highly suggest them for any annotation tasks."


Data Scientist


"Sunix provides labeling services inexpensively, responsibly, and being responsive to the particular needs of their customers. That is why Lumais cooperates with Sunix, delegating part of our labeling tasks.."


Data Science consultant & Software Engineer - Lumas LLC


"We've been happily working with Sunix for about a year now, with tasks ranging from standard bounding box annotations to ill-defined and fairly subjective binary labeling tasks. The communication with Sunil has been great, and he's always trying to make sure the task is well-understood, the label quality meets our expectations and the resource allocation matches our data collection plans."

Jelmer Neeven

Deep learning scientist at PlumerAI

London, United Kingdom


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