Agriculture Services

Helping Organizations in the Agriculture industry with the End to End Machine Learning Pipeline.

Use Cases

Crop health surveillance

Monitor plant health, identifying diseases and deficiencies for timely treatment.

Yield Forecasting

Predict crop yields, aiding in better agricultural planning and resource management​.

Targeted Weed Control

Distinguishes crops from weeds for targeted herbicide use, reducing chemical exposure and environmental impact​.

Soil Condition Monitor

Continuously checks soil health parameters, guiding irrigation and fertilization decisions.

Livestock Health and Behaviour Monitor

Tracks livestock health, behaviour, and feeding, enhancing farm management and animal welfare​.

Irrigation Optimization

As Water waste causes farmers and food growers all over the world a great deal of trouble (and expense), particularly in regions where water is a limited resource. It’s critical to determine which areas are being submerged or overwatered. Additionally risky, depending on the type of plant, is overwatering. Analyse and process data inputs to find trends and issues related to irrigation.