Case Study: Calipsa- Making world a safer place with advanced video analytics platform- A  Story Inside


Industry: Security & Surveillance 

Location: London, UK

Size: 40

Company Bio

Calipsa is into advanced video analytics platform.  Reduces the number of false alarms in CCTV cameras  thus enhancing the productivity of CCTV Operators  across the world


Calipsa deals with enormous amount of video data, basically video feeds from CCTV cameras. As  Calipsa is building an advanced video analytics platform with deep learning systems, machine learning  plays a major role in this scenario. Calipsa has developed their own annotation platform to make things  easier for ML team. We as a Data annotation service provider have provided annotation services and  labeled their data to make the raw data usable for ML systems to learn object detections like person, car,  vehicle movement. Training data quality plays a major role in this, hence we made sure there is a 2 step  QA process to make sure we are providing quality data to Calipsa. We helped Calipsa in executing wide variety of tasks inbuilding object recognition models.

“Our AI team depends on an  efficient data pipeline and Sunix AI  team ensures that. I recommend  this team for any Startup founders  looking for highly professional  service with great attention to detail”

Mohammad Rashid Khan

Co-Founder, CEO, Calipsa


Number Of Boxes

3M +

Tasks Distribution

10 +

The Challenge

The major challenges are to train an AI algorithm to perform following tasks in challenging environments.

  1. Low Quality Cameras
  2. Thermal Cameras
  3. Many different occluded objects
  4. Object recognition (this includes static and dynamic objects)

All these done in real time without any additional hardware. Power of Calipsa’s cloud platform.

The Approach

The support from Calipsa is immense, We from Sunix AI with co-operation from ML  head of Calipsa brainstormed ideas on how to reduce the annotation time, making  sure the annotators are consistent in terms of taking decisions, developing a unique  reviewing system and workflow design. The algorithms are now doing great in  terms of object recognition. The reason why Calipsa chooses us is for our responsiveness, attention to detail, competitive pricing, scalability and the professionalism.

The Solution

Annotation is the key for making AI algorithms day by day. The algorithm needs to  be trained in and out on every scenario like the crowded areas, viewing angles,  distance from the camera, various lighting challenges, Blurry images, Low quality  Images and even the thermal images.

Training an AI algorithm is not easy to detect various objects in such challenging  scenarios but with time the algorithm learns and ML needs enormous and  diversified data to teach. Calipsa is always on top of our mind when it comes to  incorporating innovative features in terms of services we provide.

The Results

Calipsa is now able to identify animals like dog, cats in distant cameras and able to eliminate at least 90% false alarms, thus making the world a safer place.  Calipsa is able to extract additional intelligence from simple motion events

CCTV operators now can focus on video alarms that matter and thus making this world a safer place.

  1. False alarms reduction.
  2. Annotation time per annotator reduced by at least 40%. 

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