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Making AI Possible with Right Image and Data Annotation Services

What we do

Sunix AI is a leading data annotation company that provides quality input data and detailed annotations services for efficient training of AI algorithms, making them highly accurate day by day with prompt solutions and the best in-house annotation team.

Image Annotation

Image annotation is the process of assigning metadata as a keyword to a digital image that you want your model/system to recognize. We understand the importance of highly efficient image annotation; thus, with the help of our advanced tools, we tend to set the mark of quality very high. Also, Our working model is designed flexibly to adapt the use of customer’s tools as per the requirement for ensuring the optimum results out of your AI/CV Models.

Video Annotation

Video Annotation is the process of making video clips recognizable for Model Learning/ AI Models. We have the most experience in training computer vision models to identify objects. But labeling and tagging video clips frame by frame can be difficult, which is why you need us. We provide precise video & data annotations by using advanced tools for a hassle-free and delightful customer experience.

Text Annotation

Most organizations seek out human annotators to label text data. Our data annotation team is specialized in creating systematic summary of the text that we create within the document by analyzing the data, as this can often be nuanced and is dependent on modern trends in slang and other uses of language.