Video Annotation

Video Annotation Services

Our video annotation services locate, tag, and tracking of objects in videos frame by frame. We improve the efficiency of your Computer Vision model to accurately recognize moving objects.

2D bounding boxes

Rectangular boxes are primarily used for object identification, labeling, and categorization in the model. Boxes are manually drawn around the object of interest during motion across numerous frames. The box is placed close to every edge of the object, as is possible, and then labeled as per its class and characteristics.

3D bounding boxes

To achieve a more realistic 3D depiction of a specific item and how it relates to its environment, the 3D bounding box method is applied. This method can indicate the breadth, length, and even the depth of an object which is in motion. This method can be used to detect common as well as particular classes of objects.


When it’s not possible to use 2D or 3D bounding boxes to depict an object in motion, a Polygon method is used. Lines are created by placing dots around the border of the item and then annotated with accuracy.