We offer Data annotation services to AI/ML Companies who need enormous Training Data to train their AI algorithms. We undertake Long-term and Short duration projects to deliver our services.
We offer services like Video Annotation, Image Annotation, Text Annotation, Cuboidal Annotation, Semantic Segmentation, Polygon Annotation. You give us the input Data and we give you the Annotated Output Data in your desired format.
Yes, we will work on your platform to deliver the services. You just have to provide us with a tutorial on how to use that tool and very soon we will be able to adapt ourselves and work on it.
Not a problem at all, we can still deliver you our services using our Partner’s tools depending on your requirement.
We can charge you on Project basis or on hourly basis. Please mail us to get a quotation today!
If proven then we will waive-off the rate paid to us for doing that particular Image/Video. We offer you highest accuracy on best rates possible.
Yes, we offer you Free Demo work using our partners tool. No commitments! You don’t like our work? No questions asked! Sounds interesting right? Speak to us today.