Accelerating intelligence

Making AI Possible with Right Data and Image Annotation Services

What type of annotations do you offer?
We offer Image, Video, text and Audio annotations.
Do we need to have our own tool?
No, we rely on our partner tools and open source tools. So we just need data from you to perform annotations
Is the Pilot project free?
How much do you charge?
Our charges vary depending on the type of annotation you are looking for. We guarantee the least pricing. We also move according to your budget and timeline.
I already have annotated data, can you do the corrections?
Yes, some clients do come up with pre annotated data and they just want us to fix it. We will do that
What industries have you worked in?
We worked for Security and surveillance, Sports, Retail and Agriculture.
How do you ensure Data privacy and security ?

We never store any of your data and will make sure the data is wiped off after use. We use VPNs to ensure secure connection. An NDA will be signed by each and every employee working on your project.

I have a lot of data and need automation, can you do it ?
Yes, we first try to get rid of manual work by integrating some automatic tools. Based on the model output, we will let you know the accuracy levels. We charge you only for the manual effort to execute annotations.
Will you provide testimonials from your previous clients ?
Yes, they are already displayed on our website, but if you would like to know more about the services, we will provide you with testimonials.
Do you outsource the projects?
Strictly we never outsource any of our projects. We execute them with our inhouse annotation experts.
Do you take any advance before starting the project?
No, we will invoice you at the end when the project is executed.
I am not satisfied with output quality, will you re-work on it?
Yes with no extra cost.