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Want huge Datasets to be annotated manually? Want accurate and quality annotated data to train your AI algorithms? Here we are, the one stop solution to fulfill your Data annotation requirements and take care of your training data with 2 step quality control checks.
We are the perfect blend of Low cost and high-quality data annotation service providers with more than 4 years industry experience. Speak to us today to get your first set of annotated data at free of cost.

Why Us


We give high priority to the quality of annotated Data with multilevel quality checks.

Inhouse Team

Dedicated team of annotation experts to fulfill all your annotation needs

Affordable Cost

You only pay for what we work, not for software tool.


Whether it’s a small or huge project, we always have annotators who are ready to fulfill your requirements.


As we don’t have dedicated tool for annotations, we quickly adapt ourselves to your new tool

Our Services

Video Annotation services

We annotate each and every scenario captured in CCTV frame by frame to capture wide variety of objects like Cars, crowd of pedestrians and cyclists, trucks, motorbikes upto 1 hour of duration. This service is exclusively for the Autonomous driving industry

Want only Images to be tagged ? Yes we can tag items/objects on images with 2D/3D bounding boxes on objects of interest for you!

Image annotation services

Text annotation/NLP labeling services

We Want a text document to be annotated with tags? We are here to tag your CSV/text document. The texts/words of interest are annotated with metadata and will be highlighted to differentiate `between various tags to easily train your NLP ML algorithms.

This is a majorly used in training the autonomous vehicle algorithms to let them understand the different scenarioss service is exclusively for the Autonomous driving industry

2D bounding box annotation

Polygon annotation

This is a more precise labeling technique to avoid the additional white spaces and noise in training data. Especially used in annotating irregular shapes like pedestrians, angled photos

If you need a 3D annotation on a 2D image then cuboidal annotation is a best fit. It captures 3D perspectives on height, width and depth. For video annotation, cuboidal labeling is done by resizing the box size and dimensions.

Cuboidal Annotation

Semantic Segmentation

When you need a pixel level annotation task to be done, then Semantic segmentation is used. We differentiate different objects on the color of pixels and thus widely used in object classification tasks of Machine Learning

When only a certain object needs to be highlighted in an Image then we use Image masking annotation to shade the portion of object and thus removing unwanted bygrounds of image.

Image Masking Annotation

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