AI powered data annotation

Sunix collaborates to deploy AI and Machine Learning in the Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Content Services ecosystems by enriching, annotating and labeling data.


Training algorithms to detect retail products is a tedious task. Customers come to us to annotate different products like suitcase, jackets, retail products or even to annotate a rack full of products. We help them get the annotated data using 2D bounding boxes, semantic segmentation.


Training an AI robot to detect various crops, fruits, weeds could be highly cumbersome task. We delivered projects related to agriculture where we annotated different crops, vegetables, fruits, a walk path in a field, obstacles etc using polygon annotation. Having right trained data enables an AI algorithm to perform better.


Logistics is a an industry where you have enough data to train a machine to understand various tasks like a human motion on floor, detect if a person is wearing something or not, detect human movements, identify scenarios. So in this industry we have annotated the jackets, persons, floor and vehicles. Mostly semantic segmentation and 2D bounding boxes are used in this industry


Fashion means apparels, with fashion industry growing rapidly, the needs and expectations of customers is increasing. In fashion industry clients come to us to get their data annotated to detect various apparels like a jacket, hat, Goggles, hair, top, hand etc. We use both 2D and polygon annotation based on client’s requirements

Security & Surveillance

We mostly serve clients in this industry where we detect motion of obvious dynamic objects like vehicles and people. We use 2D bounding boxes to annotate and delivered the results in client’s own platform. We are proud that we are serving this industry to make our world a safer place.


We have also served our clients from Sports industry, where we annotated and tagged the players while performing multiple actions in a game. With the help of sports annotation we are able to deliver correct analytics and data to the players in order to upskill their game and techniques.