Our Projects:

Elliptical Annotation

Annotation of pupil in a human eye which was done for medical industry to observe the changes of pupil size in different lighting conditions and emotions.

Landmarking Annotation

We have worked on landmark annotation to detect various facial features, expressions and also to detect body movements.

Car Damage Annotation

We have annotated car dents and scratches, paint chipping off, for the Insurance industry. Despite of Challenging conditions like poor lighting, reflections and dirt on cars 

CCTV Annotation

We have worked on Roadside CCTV scenarios where we have annotated multiple classes like car, motorbike, & persons for the security and surveillance industry.

Agriculture Annotation

In Agriculture we annotated and identified different type of crops in fields and also mark them according to their vegetation.

Car Parking Annotation

We have also worked on Aerial images of car parking, which was used to detect free parking in crowded parking places.

Bubble Annotation

We also worked on Bubble annotation which was used to maintain quality in oil for refinery industries.

Animal Face Detection

We have done image annotation of Animal face detection for forest and wildlife industry.

Semantic Segmentation

In Sematic segmentation which we annotated various classes like Road, Steps, building, tress, sky etc.

Floor & Person Detection

We have done semantic segmentation for manufacturing Industry where we have annotated classes like floor, person.

Thermal Image Annotation

We have annotated bounding boxes & Semantic segmentation of thermal camera images which were used for person detection.

Geospatial Annotation

We have annotated drone images to recognize various types of surfaces like land, water bodies, roads, vegetation etc.